Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Weekend - Day 3

For our last day in Matalascañas, we really wanted to rent some bikes and explore the town and more of the beach area; however, since it was Sunday the bike rental shop was closed.  We strolled around the beach area for an hour or so while waiting for our bus that was scheduled to come at 3 pm.  Between seeing the long line our friends had been standing in the night before and a lack of anything else to do in the city we got to the bus stop early. While waiting we met another group of Americans that had come so spend Saturday at the beach, and ended up spending the night since the bus driver had told them the wrong place to catch the bus.  Around 3:15 the bus finally pulled into Matalascañas (yep, even public transportation runs on tiempo español) and we were a little surprised at how excited we were to return to Sevilla, as if we were returning home.  Contrary to driving directly to Sevilla (like the bus from Sevilla to Matalascañas), our bus home stopped in every small town between the two cities.  Even though this doubled the travel time on the way home, it was really nice to see these small Spanish villages and get a feel of what a more traditional Spanish setting would be.

While we only made it as far as Matalascañas, we were all in agreement that the weekend was an overall success!

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