Thursday, March 3, 2011

Only in Spain...

Over the past month I have been compiling a list of things that I’ve found odd or uniquely Spanish.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, but I’ll start another list for the next month or just update this one as time goes on.

·      Women here are serious about their knee-high boots and I’m amazed at how they can walk on cobblestone with super skinny high heels.
·      People are extremely season oriented….even though it may be 70 or 75 outside, if the calendar still says February you better be wearing boots, a sweater, jacket, and scarf.
·      Dogs are never walked on leashes, free to poop wherever they like, and the owners aren’t responsible for picking it up…even if it’s in the middle of the sidewalk.
·      Going out before 11 or midnight is a faux pas, as well as returning before the sun comes up.
·      Botellón = best idea ever.
·      Daily siestas are encouraged.
·      People mop the sidewalk in front of their door.
·      Openly staring at people is socially acceptable.
·      Olive oil is on everything.
·      Tourists walk through your university.
·      An excessive amount of PDA is completely normal amongst all ages.
·      Kids are allowed to run around in restaurants and public places like crazy.
·      The kids are 10 times cuter than American kids, are usually dressed better than most adult Americans, and dressed in the exact same outfit as their siblings.
·      Beach attire: speedos for men, tops optional for women.
·      Everyone smokes.
·      The TV is always on (something I was really shocked about).
·      Alcohol consumption is appropriate at any time of day.
·      Wifi (pronounced weefee) is not common in homes.
·      A typical diet consists of carbs, seafood, jamón (ham), and more carbs.
·      No salt on fries….but copious amounts on everything else.
·      Cookies for breakfast are legit.
·      Dessert is usually a fruit – orange, apple, pear, nectarine, peach, etc.
·      When you buy a drink at a bar, it comes with a small plate of olives.
·      Stray cats are everywhere.
·      There are vendors selling items on every street or at every stop light…kleenex seem to be the item of choice for the man on the bridge I cross on my way to school.
·      People selling junk (such as oversized plastic sunglasses, glow sticks, etc.) are allowed in bars and restaurants.
·      There are lottery ticket kiosks on every corner.
·      Reggaeton is everywhere….even during a 5 am drive to work.
·      There are stands with magazines, snacks, postcards, newspapers, etc. on every street.
·      All bikes have a bell (just like the ones when you were little) that are used to tell people who are in your way to MOVE!!
·      Sidewalks double as parking spaces for mopeds and cars….or even an extra driving lane if you can fit.
·      Some alcohol (mainly low quality or cooking wine) is cheaper than bottled water.
·      McDonalds only serves two purposes: free bathrooms and free wifi.
·      I can never tell if people talking on the street are arguing or just having a conversation.

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