Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in Sevilla


I have never been happier to be back “home” as I have been this week, however it is also very bittersweet since my time in Sevilla is half way done.  This morning Amy and I were looking at our calendars and realized that we only have two or three full weekends in Sevilla since we will be traveling for the rest of them (which I guess I can’t complain about either).  This Friday we will be going with API to Jerez de La Frontera and Cadiz for the day and then have the rest of the weekend in Sevilla, however we have midterms next week so I will actually have to do some homework and studying.

Yesterday I met with my intercambio again and we each brought a friend or two so we could all meet more Spaniards/Americans.  It was also the first day of no rain in over a week here and even though it isn’t super warm yet I have noticed that even the Spaniards are starting to wear less layers, open their windows more, and actually use their patios.

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