Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Hostels!


This week was characterized by the continual search for cheap hostels for some of our upcoming trips, the first of which will be to Barcelona at the end of March.  A large number of API participants are all going to the capital of Cataluña, however some of us will be leaving Thursday night and others Friday morning.  Since one of the guys in our program has a friend studying in Barcelona this semester, he pretty much took care of the arrangements for the weekend.  The difficult task for the week, however, was booking hostels for our group of seven girls who will traveling together during Semana Santa to Amsterdam, Prague, and Paris!  We bought the airplane tickets a couple weeks ago and since we were still getting used to life in Sevilla, we figured it would be all right to wait and book the hostels later.  Bad idea.  In order to find a place that had room for seven people, was close to the center of the cities, and a reasonable price took forever.

Today I was glad to have my second class of the day canceled (after watching an intense movie on the Spanish Civil War in my first class) and even got to fit in a run before lunch.  After lunch I packed my bag for our API excursion to MOROCCO tomorrow before hitting up El Corte Ingles (a huge department store that has everything you could ever need) to get some necessities, like peanut butter and jamón flavored chips.  On our way back from El Corte Ingles we were walking down a narrow street and passed a tiny bar where a group of people were having a flamenco jam session.  We decided we had to stop and get a drink just to watch and experience this impromptu, improve show. 

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