Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barcelona - Day 2

Saturday morning we had to get up early enough to check out of our room by 10 am, even though our flight home wasn’t until Sunday.  However, since our flight was at 6 am on Sunday we had decided not to pay for a room and just store our bags in the storage room at the hostel, go out Saturday night, and pick them up on our way to the airport at 3 or 4 am.  After breakfast at the hostel we headed down to the Gothic Quarter again and also walked around the port area.  Lunch turned into a major fail when two of us decided to order what the menu labeled a “traditional Spanish dish” that none of us recognized and it turned out to be cow intestines/stomach (which had no flavor but had a texture like pieces of fat or blubber) in an oily sauce.

Port in Barcelona

Gross lunch...never again.

We stopped at a supermarket to supplement our lunch that went mostly uneaten and then I split off to meet two other friends in the API Sevilla program also in Barcelona to visit Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium.  Our ticket into the museum and stadium included the visiting teams locker room, the chapel, the pressroom, and a walk along the field.   I was in soccer heaven!  

Me in Camp Nou!

I met back up with the group from my hostel in Parc Montjuic where we saw the Olympic Stadium (unfortunately we couldn’t go in) and hiked around until we just decided to call it a day for sight seeing.  We were all so exhausted and after dinner some people even decided to go straight to the airport and sleep there before the flight.  The rest of us went to the other super touristy bar in Barcelona, Dow Jones.  It is a stock market bar and the drink prices go up and down depending on what people are buying and about every half hour the market “crashes” and the prices drop.

Me and the 1992 Olympic Stadium
That night I slept a little here and there (in the taxi, on the airport floor, on the plane) and when we got home at 9 am we slept until our host mom woke us up for lunch at 3:30.

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