Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Día de Andalucía

Today is Día de Andalucía, which means that it is a holiday for the entire autonomous region of Andalucía (of which, Sevilla is the capital)….and more importantly for me, NO CLASSES!!!  When I was first told about Día de Andalucía I was under the impression that everything would be closed, and considering that everything shuts down for siesta and that hardly anything is open on Sundays I wasn’t expecting anything to be open.  However, this holiday really only applied to businesses, offices, schools, shops, etc. and the majority of the restaurants, bars, and cafes remained open.

After a nice long run to Parque Alamillo this morning, one of my roommates and I headed to Parque Maria Luisa to sit in the sun and do our homework (which has pretty much been a foreign concept for me the past few weeks).  In the park there was a trumpet/brass band playing in honor of Día de Andalucía and like every non-work day, the park was full of people relaxing and walking around.  Later, we met up with some more API students for some delicious gelato (ice cream…but ten times better) and walked around ‘el centro’ (the downtown-shopping area).  While getting lost in the winding streets we came across a crazy construction site where a building that looks like a tree-mushroom is being built.  Overall, it was a nice relaxing holiday…and like all long weekends, it has ended too soon.

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