Monday, April 11, 2011

Some randoms from Sevilla:


Today I experienced another “only in Spain” moment.  After visiting the Alcázar (royal palace) with our History of Three Cultures (Arabs, Christians, & Jews) class, our professor took us to a restaurant/bar and treated us to drinks, jamón iberico, and paella.  While walking into the restaurant we were all a little confused at what was going on since he hadn’t mentioned getting food afterwards.  We sat and discussed some more of the history for a while but the conversation quickly switched over to more casual topics like soccer.

Last week when my roommate Tayler and I got to the university we were confused to find a giant inflatable can of Cruzcampo (a Spanish beer) in front of the building.  There were also inflated arches over the sidewalk that goes around the building and people lined up in running gear that appeared to be registering for something.  We asked around and found out that every year there is a race for the students that is one lap around the university building (no one could give me an exact distance but I would estimate its around 800 meters or 0.5 miles).  I was so disappointed I had not known about it sooner…I definitely would have missed class to participate but I had already run that morning and I didn’t have time to go back and get my running shoes.

With the weather in Sevilla improving daily, the number of tourists is also increasing.  The streets are more crowded already and the double-decker tour buses are actually starting to fill up…I can’t imagine what Semana Santa and Feria will be like if it is already this busy.

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