Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extremadura - Hiking from Cañamero to Guadalupe


On Saturday we got up bright and early to depart on our 16-kilometer (10 mile) hike.  From Trujillo we drove an hour to the small village of Cañamero where we bought our picnic and started our hike to the town of Guadalupe.  The weather was perfect for hiking, not too cold but slightly overcast and the terrain was gorgeous.  It felt like a completely different world from Sevilla and I felt like I wasn’t in Spain but rather Germany.  There were lots of hills and rocks but the hike overall wasn’t too challenging.  Kepa even brought his girlfriend, father, and some hiking buddies for us to practice Spanish with while walking.  I am honestly amazed by Kepa’s dad who is 81 years old and still climbing around with all of us (although he was a little slower) and was glad for his sake that the weather hadn’t been as hot as earlier this week.

We stopped and had our picnic lunch a little over half way through the hike before we descended down to Guadalupe. The last hour or so was even more spectacular than the first part, with a new and better view of the town nestled in the hills after every turn.  

View of Guadalupe during our descent.

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