Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More randoms

I apologize for being rushed in writing this…however, it is 9:30 at night and I leave tomorrow for a week long trip to Amsterdam, Prague, and Paris and I still have a lot to do (but I wanted to get in another post before leaving).

Every day it is getting hotter and hotter in Sevilla and I am more and more thankful for the orange trees that line every street here!  Not only for their aromatic flowers whose smell fill the air, but their shade is a Godsend on these scorching April days…I can even imagine how people survive here in June, July, and August!

While flamenco is the stereotypical soundtrack to Sevilla and all of Andalucia, I have noticed that the American top 40 songs are much more present in daily life here.  I hadn’t listened to the radio here (except for during a couple taxi rides) until I took the 6-hour bus ride to Madrid last weekend.  The entire ride consisted of top 40 songs with an occasional Spanish-pop number.  I was even more surprised this past week when I heard two Lady Antebellum songs in a café!

Considering that there is only one more week of classes before exams (but two weeks of vacation), I felt it was a little late to be getting back our midterm grades.  But yesterday one of my professors started off the class period by giving us our grades…orally. Yep, he read aloud every single persons grade in the class and told us that in Spain, your grades are very public information and posted in the hallways.  Fortunately, since it was an open note exam, everyone did well and there was no reason to be embarrassed about any of the grades.

Well, I’m off for a European adventure with 6 other girls in the morning and will return next Thursday in time to see the final days of the Semana Santa celebration here in Sevilla!!

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