Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extremadura - Trujillo

1/4/11 to 2/4/11

As we drove into the town of Trujillo Friday afternoon, I could tell this would be an unforgettable city.  Situated on a giant granite boulder, the entire city is shadowed by a castle at the top.  Trujillo is the stereotypical, tiny Spanish town with winding streets, stone buildings, and terracotta roofs.  After checking into the hotel (a 16th century palace) we took a walking tour of Trujillo that included climbing up to the castle.  Trujillo is the home of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who conquered Peru, and we also stopped by his house. The view from the castle was absolutely breathtaking.  I have never been to Ireland but the countryside around Trujillo is just how I would imagine it with green fields and crumbling rock walls.

City of Trujllo from atop the castle.

View of the countrysidy...it was a little windy.
Luckily for us there was also a Medieval Festival going on at the time and took over the entire main plaza.  Most of us opted to eat from the vendors in the plaza and I had a delicious kebab/gyro wrap and I could have spent hours pondering over the dessert vendor’s stalls trying to decide what to get.  Some of us also bought artisan cheese and dried fruit and nuts for our picnic the next day.

Main plaza in Trujillo, with the Medieval Festival.

Our group leader, Kepa, told us all about what he called “the best disco-bar in all of Spain” that had an amazing view of the castle from the third floor patio.  A small group of us decided to seek out the bar even though it was only 10:30 at night (early for Spaniards).  The first time we walked past it we didn’t recognize it as a bar and when we came back to it we almost thought it was closed…but it was just opening.  We were the first ones in the bar and the only ones for over an hour.  However, Kepa had been right about the view…it was spectacular!

View of the castle at night from the bar's patio.

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