Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sevilla, Por Fin!

Well, after one day of traveling from Stevens Point to Spain, three days in Madrid, and another day traveling from Madrid to here, I am finally in Sevilla!!! We arrived around 8:30 last night and met our host families.  I am staying with a 54 year old Spanish woman named Amada and her 81 year old mother, Dolores.  I also have two roommates from the U.S., Amy from Colorado and Tayler from Washington D.C.

Amy, me, and Tayler in Toledo.

Today we toured the Universidad de Sevilla where we all will be taking classes and then walked through the old part of Sevilla known as Barrio Santa Cruz.  This area is the best known part of Sevilla with narrow, winding roads too small for cars and with white washed buildings.  We also toured the cathedral here and climbed the tower known as La Giralda, which provided a beautiful view of the city.  After lunch and a short siesta we hit the town on bikes and got to see a large portion of Sevilla included the riverfront, Plaza de España (where a scene in Star Wars Episode 2 was filmed), and many parks.

Catedral y La Giralda (the tower)

Tomb of Christopher Columbus.

View of Sevilla from La Giralda.

Plaza de España.

Now I am in a cute little coffee/ice cream shop with WiFi (here it is pronounced WeeFee) since our apartment doesn't have any and will be returning shortly for dinner.  The two immediate biggest differences between living in Spain and the U.S. I have noticed is the eating schedule and transportation.  Breakfast is definitely smaller than in the U.S. and around the same time, however lunch is the biggest meal of the day around 2:30 in the afternoon and dinner is smaller (usually tapas or leftovers from lunch) and not eaten until around 9:30 or even 10 at night.  Everything here is also super close so cars are rarely used and people walk everywhere.

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