Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Week of Classes

Where to begin?!?!  My immediate thoughts right now are that I have been in Sevilla for a full week yet it feels like forever, that my head hurts from four hours of class in rapid Spanish, and that I could really use a siesta right about now.  Anyways, I apologize for not having written in awhile but my host family does not have internet in their apartment and it is hard to find time to go to a cafe and put everything I want to say into words.

I guess I'll start with my classes.  I am taking five classes this semester and each class here is two hours long but the professors usually give you a 5-10 minute break half way through the period.  I have three classes on Monday and Wednesday and two classes on Tuesday and Thursday (Fridays off!).  I am taking two literature classes: 'Cervantes and the Study of Don Quijote' and 'The Arab Influence on Spanish Literature.'  I am also taking 'Actual Spain and International Relations,' 'The Historical Projection of Three Cultures (Christians, Jews, and Moors) in Medieval Spain,' and 'Flamenco as a Communicative Process.'  So far I've enjoyed all of them, but especially the flamenco class since my professor just sat and played guitar for almost the entire period!!

A major difference between UMD and the Universidad de Sevilla is that the buildings in Sevilla are scattered all around the city while Duluth's are all connected.  While all of the classes for international students are in the same building (which happens to be the old tobacco factory), there is no rhyme or reason for the numbering system used for the rooms and I probably spent over a half hour trying to find each one.

The old tobacco factory, now one of the University of Sevilla buildings.

Well, I truly do apologize for such a short post, especially when there is so much to say, but right now my brain is completely fried and Spanish is really the only thing that is making sense (but I suppose that's a good thing)!  I hope to be writing more soon about food, transportation, and daily life happenings (hopefully with pictures as well), but if there is some aspect of Spanish culture anyone is particularly interested in let me know and I'll put that at the top of my list!!

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