Thursday, February 3, 2011

El Prado, Parque Retiro, y Toledo

On Tuesday after we returned from El Escorial and took a nice siesta we had the opportunity to visit the Prado Museum which houses the masterpieces of the best Spanish artists such as Velazquez, El Greco, Murillo, and Goya.  The Black Paintings by Goya are definitely my favorite since there is such a contrast between his previous works and the ones he painted later in life.  Afterward, a small group of us took a walk through Parque Retiro, which is similar to Central Park in NYC. 

Pond in Parque Retiro

Base of a fountain dedicated to the devil....
Yesterday we drove from Madrid to Sevilla (6 hours by bus), but made a stop in Toledo to see the old capital city of Spain.  Toledo is gorgeous, but in a very different way than Madrid.  The old part of the city of Toledo is situated on a hill and surrounded by a bend in the river Tajo, which forms a natural barrier for the city.  Toledo is also known as the city of the three religions, Christians, Jews, and Moors.   And for those with a sweet tooth Toledo is also famous for its marzipan, which is delicious!

Panorama of the city of Toledo.

Cathedral in Toledo.

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