Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fieldtrip to La Rábida

The Friday before Feria my History of Three Cultures class took a field trip to La Rábida, a monastery in the province of Huelva where Christopher Columbus set sail from for the New World.  However, between people traveling over the Feria holiday and the royal wedding only five of us made the trip.  On our way to La Rábida we stopped for a coffee and picked up some traditional sweets for later (both paid for by our professor).  At La Rábida our professor gave us a tour of the monastery and I was constantly amazed at all the facts and information he shared.  The courtyards in the monastery were beautiful and we got to see the room where Columbus discussed his plans with the head monk.  There was also a room that had a box of dirt from each country in North and South America.

Monastery of La Rábida.

After our visit to the monastery we headed to the coast for a seafood lunch…once again on our professor.  Even though it was raining the restaurant had an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.  We dined on gambas a la plancha (grilled shrimp), a mixed plate of fried seafood including squid, anchovies, etc., olives, salad, and our professor even ordered a bottle of wine for the table!  I couldn’t believe it.  

View from lunch stop!

The three hours following lunch we thought that every stop was going to be our last but then we would stop again.  While it was all very interesting, we had all been under the impression we would be home right after lunch, not right before dinner.  Besides a stop at a museum with exact replicas of the three ships Columbus took on his first voyage, the rest of the stops were to have a coffee and eat out sweets…we were all so full by the end of the day!

Replicas of the ships used by Columbus.

Church where the permission for Columbus to set sail was read.

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